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Would you like to get Free Moshi Monsters Prize(s) ?

Current Date: April 30, 2017
In just three steps you will earn your prize(s)

  1. Registration :

    create an account on our web site by filling in your user name , password and your email address in the registration page or in the quick registration pane in the sidebar
  2. Collect Points :

    after you register successfully go to the earn points page and start collecting few points in order to exchange it with your own preferred prize
  3. Redeem your Prize(s) :

    directly after you collect the appropriate amount of points equivalent to the prize you wish, go to the redeem prize page and select your own prize then you shall get it in less than 3 days

Scope on Prizes

Ultimate Cheats Guide

This is the most comprehensive cheats guide for moshi monsters ever made, the cheat guide will give you the power to do whatever you want inside the game to enhance your game play and make your monsters amazing.

Moshi Monsters Item(s)

You will have the freedom to choose the items you want in just one condition that the total item point worth wont exceed 120 points, when you earn the points amounting to the items we will make an Items Catalog available for you to choose the items you desire.

Points to Prizes :

19 points = Moshi Monsters Account
15 points = Moshi Monsters Items
21 points = Mopod Codes
14 points = Free Upgrade to Your Membership
14 points = Moshlings Cheats Guide
15 points = Moshi Monsters Ultimate Cheats Guide
You need 30 points before you can redeem a prize.
You will get 10 points bonus after registration

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